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Ice cream! That’s my favorite ice dessert in summer. Wow, here are cute ice cream cone cupcakes, what a genius idea to mix cupcake with ice creams! Cupcake mania, cake bakery & ice cream DIY party will get started. Bake a cake, eat cakes and enjoy cake making games in ice cream games.

Unicorn Cup Cake Game Feature
1.Unicorn kids like unicorn food, unicorn ice cream cone cupcakes must be your love. If you like ice cream games, you can’t miss this bakery food game.
2.Do you like eating cupcake with yummy ice cone? Normal cupcake are made of cake and cup, but in this sprinkle cupcake games, make cakes process is different, we have special ice cream cone and ice creams, you will crazy about cupcakes games.
3.Unicorn cake maker, say goodbye to bad ice cream and bad cupcake, It’s a wonderful thing if I have my own bakery. Wow, chocolate strawberries cream cupcakes are waiting for you.
4.Unicorn ice crean cone cupcake and crispy waffle ice cone cup cake are served in this ice cream cone cupcake-bakery food game.
5.Rainbow cupcake is ready. In ice cream bar, you will not only make icecream but also make cupcakes. Come to join this cupcake games.
6.Using fruit to make different flavor of waffle ice cream cone might be an excellent experience. Strawberry ice cream cone, chocolate ice cream cone, what a nice homemade ice cream stack!
7.Here comes food and fashion cupcake party, truly cupcake wars will begin. Everyone will affect with baking fever. You can be an outstanding cupcake maker.
8.Unicorn chef, cake bakery shop is there. Baking unicorn food must be your loved adventure. You will enjoy this baking game.
9.Ice cream cone cupcake decoration time! Bake a cake and then decorate it with all kind of cream and fruit, do you wanna have a try in this ice cream game?
10.Colorful ice cream cones and cute cupcake is calling you. Come to design ice-cream and cup cake with your own style in this cupcake mania game.
11.Do you love this cupcake game? Tasty cupcake will bring about cooking fever. Treat yourself with cupcake. Hoping you have fun and learn to cook cupcake in this cake making games.

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