Thai App Center ขอแนะนำ TH Smart Airport

Get the latest flight information, an AR map throughout selected airports, free WiFi access, and many more of selected airports in Thailand from just one single app.
Some key features you will get from the app.
– The most recent updates of departure and arrival flight status, takeoff and landing time, boarding gate no., etc.
– A heads-up on ad-hoc changes in flight status (i.e. gate change, delay, cancel)
– In-app alerts and push notifications upon final call and flight status changes
– An AR map that will let you explore the airports via AR technology
– The latest news or promotions updated from the airports

*Minimum requirements to use the AR map feature
– AR TH Airport app needs to be presented on your device.
– ARCore is used for running the AR map so your device must be installed with Android 8.1 or later, and must be one of the ARCore supported device models listed here

**The current version supports U-Tapao Airport Terminal 2 only.

Download TH Smart Airport

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