Thai App Center ขอแนะนำ AppLock – Fingerprint & PIN, Pattern Lock

☆☆☆ Safe – Simple – Fast – Stable – Energy saving ☆☆☆
🔒🔒High security high protection🔒🔒
We know your wishes about a applocker. And we are working to this purpose. So we are sure. you’ll love this applocker.

► Does not contain advertisements.

► It has clear and user friendly interface.

► Built with a beautiful architecture, this rocker stably works, consumes less energy

► It consumes little energy. It works without affecting the battery life.

► You can use wallpaper on the main screen and choose beautiful theme from each other.

► Keeps your Gallery, Music, Contacts, SMS, Browser, Facebook, Whatsapp and all your applications safe.

► Nobody can delete this application unless you want to (ULTRA PROTECTION MODULE)

► Locker application is evolving with your comments.

► Users say that our application is the best application locker.

► We are doing our best to protect your privacy.

► With Ultra protection mode, nobody can remove the locker without you.

► Select the vibration feature as desired.

► There are many different theme options for you. Design your lock screen yourself.

► Use the Knock code lock system. Be open to innovation.

► There are two different locking systems, knock code and pattern lock.

► We know what you want and what you expect from some application locker. We work for it. We believe you love it very much.
Keep your applications safe with knock code technology and pattern lock technology. Protect your privacy. This is the best locker seen in our application for you.

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►Secure,Fast,Low energy,low energy requirement,most stable,You must try this app locker.◀
Most gentle applocker.

🔒 This app spends very very low battery.
🔒 It has small size.
🔒 Protects your gallery,facebook,whatsapp,browser, and all apps.
🔒 It is very safe. You can use this applocker with complacency.
Do you want to meet with technology of LG .
This applocker is different from all applocker.
Because this applocker is using knock code.
It is first in the world and single.
☆☆☆ The cleanest, safest and best lock application! ☆☆☆

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