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Draw a Crocodile in any pose you want.
Learn how to draw a Crocodiles in any position.
Poseable Crocodile for drawing.

Features 2 crocodiles (Nile Crocodile, and Mugger Crocodile)
– Use animations for a list of natural movements and actions that will help you get the pose you want to draw fast.

– Use skins to increase detail and realism to your drawing.

– Select individual ‘bones’ to adjust angle and position of limbs, achieve any pose.

– Adjust camera zoom, distance, field of view.

– Choose your background, and platform style.

– Adjust 4 lights including angle, color, and brightness.

– Add water and control depth.

– Display a grid to help you draw in proportion.

Free to try!

In-app-purchase to unlock skins and more animations.

Great for artists of any level!

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