Thai App Center ขอแนะนำ Crono – Notifications, Messages, Clipboard on PC
Whether in a meeting or shuffling between tabs, Crono keeps you in sync with all your notification or calendar event.

Mobile notifications on your browser
– Mirror your mobile notifications on your browser
– Get push alert for notifications on your pc
– Clear notification from your browser and Crono will clear it from your phone too
– Dismiss phone calls, send instant SMS replies from your browser
– Take actions on notifications from the browser, the same way you do on the phone

Blazingly fast replies
– Directly send replies for any chat/email app including WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, Gmail
– 1-click reply from Push Notifications

Security and Privacy
– Notifications are end to end encrypted by default
– Encryptions keys are shared offline with your browser and app via QR Code.
– Hide your sensitive notification data with a one-click button

Clipboard Sharing
– Share your clipboard between your browser and device with a single click
– Device clipboard is directly shared with browser automatically

Find your phone
– Not able to find your phone? Ring your phone directly from your browser

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C.K.Ace Accounting รับทำบัญชี จดทะเบียนนิติบุคคล ปรึกษาอากร

สนับสนุนการแนะนำ Crono – Notifications โดย
บริษัท ทรูเทค แมชชินเนอรี่ จำกัด
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