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Are you looking for a scanning solution for your business app or does your existing solution cause too many mistakes or takes too much time? Then you should check out everything the Scanbot SDK has to offer in this convenient app. It’s based on years of research and experience from our award-winning Scanbot app where millions of documents are scanned every month.

Whether you need an easy-to-use document scanner with the highest quality, a super fast barcode and QR-code scanner or advanced data detectors to read MRZ, disability certificates and more, the Scanbot SDK has you covered. Test the SDK in every possible scenario and experience the extremely easy user guidance system which accounts for the best results in every situation.

Want to test it in your own app? Learn more on our website and get a 30-day license to integrate the SDK with your workflow and check if it’s the right solution for you. You can find a comprehensive documentation for many development platforms and ready-to-use examples on our website.


• Document scanning as PDF and JPG
• QR-Code scanning
• Barcode scanning
• OCR text recognition
• MRZ extraction

Use the Scanbot SDK App in all respective industries to showcase workflows for consumers and employees. Benefit from adding the SDK features into insurance providers’ end-user apps. Scan any type of barcode or QR-code used in logistics to improve all processes in the supply chain management. As you can see, options are various and we are convinced that there will be the right solution for your individual use case. Get in touch with one of our solution experts through our website if you have any questions or need help.

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