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Keep your friends up-to-date wherever you are. 😎 Initiate or join group video calls in exceptional HD video and audio quality and chat with your friends, family & co-workers. 🎦 You can see up to 9 friends in one group video call and you can invite as many as you want! 😊

Award-winning eyeson connects friends all over the world! Easy to use and designed to love.

Install the eyeson app, go to your group and invite your beloved ones. You can invite your friends & co-workers by sending a group link with your preferred communication tool like iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, etc. Group video chats have become so easy.

*** eyeson Features ***
– HD video call quality
– Exceptional audio quality
– Easy & simple app handling
– Outstanding design

– Create unlimited groups
– Write messages
– Personalize your groups
– Invite via iMessage, Whatsapp, etc.
– Get notifications when your friends enter your room

– Switch easily to the Web
– Share your screen and pictures
– Send messages, images and audios
– Connect with anyone on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS
– Record your group video calls
– Works over WiFi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks
– With constant low bandwidth

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