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Film Maker is a full-featured HD video editor & movie maker made for both professionals and amateurs. Easy to edit but professional to display.

Create Hollywood-style movies of great power like a pro director, easy for everyone.


● Video Editor:
Trim, split, cut, duplicate & detach audio from videos. Crop videos and export them in HD quality. Split videos into clips or cut out the unnecessary part with one tap. Edit your video with the multiple timeline video editing feature.

● Video Juxtaposer:
Merge and combine different video clips into one before sharing it on Youtube or Instagram. A pocket video editor and movie maker that supports one-tap sharing.

● Video Speed:
Adjust video & music speed precisely. Create slow motion & fast motion playback and reverse videos to present stunning cinematic time-lapse effects.

● Video Effects:
Apply glitch video effects and other special effects to get tons of likes on Instagram and TikTok. Edit FX with simple drag & drop controls.

● Video Filters:
Movie, retro, selfie, and 50 other fabulous filters available for you to choose. High quality filters perfect for any occasion.

● Video Ratio:
Select the most suitable aspect ratio for your video in this movie maker. Flip, rotate zoom in, zoom out and adjust videos in different angles, a free no crop video editor for those who want to get more followers on Instagram.

●Video Adjustment:
Full manual customized controls for exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, white balance, temperature, vignette, highlight, shadow.

● Video Transition:
30+ transitions to be added between video clips.

● Video Converter:
A video editor to convert photos into 1080p or 720p videos in MP4 format.

● Video Background:
Change the background color of your video with no crop needed.

● Video Dubbing:
Add your own music, sound effects and voice to customize your video.

● Applying Stickers:
Dozens of popular stickers, animated stickers & illustrations.

● Text on Video:
Various fonts with unique designs. Add cinematic subtitles freely on your videos.

● Background Music:
100+ FREE featured music at your disposal. Choose royalty-free music as your background music. Adjust volume, fade in and fade out settings for different scenes.

● Sound Effects:
Featured sound effects like animals, explosions, laughter, suitable for making vlog.

● Voice Recording:
Add narration and voice-over to your video. Make a movie with a custom audio soundtrack.

● Blending Modes:
Use the professional blending modes to create excellent double exposures: multiply, screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color dodge, color burn, hard light, difference, exclusion. More blending modes will be added soon.

● Multiple Layers:
Multiple layers of text, music, images, stickers, special effects and doodle. A perfect video editor for making slideshows. Merge clips into one with different options in this video joiner & movie maker.

● HD Export:
Export video in Full HD 1080p with no quality loss.

● No Ads during Editing:
No banner or pop-up ads whatsoever when you are editing videos. A video editor that never disturbs. No ads or watermark after upgrading to the pro version.

Download Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Maker & Video Editor

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