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A simple but complete tool in your phone, quickly and easily turns on the flashlight next to the rear camera instantly to provide you many useful features with color and flash.

✔️️ Compass
✔️️ Torchlight in Dark
✔️️ Fast and bright flashlight
✔️️ Powerful sensors for tonight
✔️️ Strobe Light to dance at night
✔️️ Beautiful and Elegant flashlight app
✔️️ Color Screen Lights to light your room
✔️️ Disco Lights for funny moments in the dark
✔️️ No unnecessary permissions, no data collections

✔️️Create a Party in the Dark
✔️️Read a Book at Night
✔️️Light the way When Camping
✔️️Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night
✔️️Turn on lights on your bike or car
✔️️Illuminate Your Room to have a party
✔️️Animate the moment with your friends with Disco Lights

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