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Halza allows you to securely store, track and share your medical data with your doctors, family, and friends. You communicate with complete privacy.

Halza is the new way to manage and talk about your health.

Who is Halza for?
– Individuals and Families caring for children, parents, spouses … and themselves
– Frequent travelers, expat families

With Halza, you:
– Choose any of the 26 languages. Especially easy if you fall sick while traveling
– Manage all your medical files.
– Keep track of vaccinations, medicine, follow-up reminders, and many more functions
– QuickShare: grant doctors temporary access to your medical files in less than 30-seconds during an incident.
– Manage the kids as part of Family Accounts by switching profiles instantaneously
– Are the owner of your own medical files
– Securely store your data on Microsoft Azure

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