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Take a photo of your paper or on-screen document and convert it to editable text file (txt) right on your Android device using our quick and easy-to-use app. Our industry-leading OCR engines will spare you from wasting your time and effort for retyping whole texts, receipts, invoices, notes, lists and other documents. Instead of using scanner and then converting your scan to editable document – let our app to do the job for you.

• Free conversions take 1 hour to complete
• Fast conversions are completed within seconds
• Excellent recognition and conversion quality
• We do not guarantee that handwritten document conversion will be successful. For best results, use printed documents
• No limits on file size or number of converted files
• Screenshots can be converted as well
• Easily share converted documents or open them in another apps
• You can copy text or part of it and paste it somewhere else
• The converted document is in the .txt format and immediately ready for further reuse
• Converted documents are editable so, if it is needed, you can quickly make small adjustments in any text editor on your phone or computer

Files are sent to our servers where they are being converted by powerful OCR technology, so your phone battery and resources won’t be drained by conversion. After the file is converted, the result is being downloaded back to the app, and the files are deleted from our servers immediately.

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