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Page Marker is a smart webpage organizer that allows you to easily save, arrange, and read web articles that interest you, all in one app!

Comprehensive article keeper
– Save the Internet articles that you like, whether in mobile or PC.
– Sync all your favorite contents to Google Drive.
– Read and/or organize your collection of articles anytime and anywhere, even if you’re offline.

Comfortable reading experience
– Read the articles in a clean and readable layout.
– Adjust the font size to your liking.
– Switch to “Night mode” to prevent hurting your eyes or when having a nighttime reading.

Smart content management
– Highlighting function that allows you to mark words, phrases, or sentences.
– Auto-tag articles with related keywords for an organized search.
– Recommend tags based on the relevance of the content for a more efficient arrangement of articles.

Share articles easily
– Send one article to your Gmail account in just one tap.
– Share your favorite contents in Facebook, Twitter or other apps installed in your device.

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