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Hi everyone! My goal is to bring pixel art to mobile platforms and make it great again! That’s why you should give a chance to Pixel Studio, a new pixel art editor for artists and game developers. Simple, fast and portable. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. Create amazing pixel art anywhere and anytime! There are layers support, animation and useful tools – all you need to create cool projects. Feel free to contact me, suggest new features and report bugs!

Main features:
• Use layers for advanced pixel art
• Create animations and export to GIF
• Share your arts with friends
• Create custom palettes or just use built-in palettes
• Advanced color picker (RGB / HSV)
• Simple zoom and move with gestures and joystics
• Advanced tools
• Supports both portrait and landscape modes
• Supports large canvas size
• Supports formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, PSP (Pixel Studio Project)

Advanced features:
• Shape Tool (line, circle, rectangle and other)
• Gradient Tool
• Built-in and user brushes
• Tile mode for making textures
• Tile brushes
• Symmetry drawing
• Dot Pen for precise drawing with a cursor
• Text Tool with different pixel fonts
• Dithering Pen for shadows and flares
• Pixel art rotation with Fast RotSprite algorithm
• Onion Skin for advanced animation
• Mini-map and Pixel Perfect preview
• Canvas resizing and rotation
• Dynamic background color
• Customizable grid
• Multithreaded image processing
• Lospec palettes import
• JASC Palette (PAL) file format support
• Dark UI theme

App permissions:
• Storage read/write permissions to access media files on your device

Download Pixel Studio – Pixel art editor, GIF animation

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