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? Astonishing new advanced feature: The best pixel art effect on Google Play with topic of PixelMoon ?

Pixelmoon – Color by Number Sandbox Pixel with thousands of magnificent pixel art pieces for both kids and adults. More than 200 beautiful artworks offered all FREE to you to color by number!

The Pixelmoon – Color by Number is the best entertainment for individuals of any ages and exclusively family-friendly, bringing such enjoyable, stress-free moments for players to relax and be creative. Remarkably, the Pixelmoon – Color by Number helps to develop your recognition of colors and numbers, enhances their concentration and steadiness in a most playful and creative way.

Start creating your own amazing colorful artworks and SHARE to your family and friends NOW for FREE!

Features of Pixelmoon – Color by Number sandbox pixel:
? Providing a vast varieties of coloring pages in pocket monster
? Long press for continuous coloring makes coloring and drawing easier than ever.
? Double finger to zoom in and zoom out of the coloring pictures.
? Save your artwork to a cool time lapse effect and share it with your family and friends.
? Tips tool helps to auto locate the unfinished coloring numbers.
Enjoy this app with many of pocket monsters. Share with your friend the beautiful pixel art.

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