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■ Application description
– This is the plug-in app to connect Smart Home Oven.
– It is a free application for whom purchased 2015 Samsung Smart Oven.
– This app allows you to connect your Samsung Oven with you anywhere from in your home or out-of-your home.
– New innovative features are available from checking status, controlling, receiving helpful notifications and finding related customer services

■Supported Smart Phone Models:
– Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series
(Other models are not guaranteed that they will operate normally.)
– Supported OS : ICS(4.0)+

■Please be aware of below items before using this app
– Check Wi-Fi connection of your Oven is stable.
– Smartphone and Oven should be connected with same AP when doing set-up the connection of them.
– Wifi connection could be unstable if the Wi-Fi signal is weak due to your Oven’s location.
– Check supported Oven model and smart phone models and OS version.
(Other Smartphone models are not guaranteed.)
– The screen of app may look different depending on the font you have set in your smart phone.

Download Plug-in app (Oven)

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