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Quick Measure provide the following four AR Measurement experiences quickly and easily using ToF Camera and AR Technology.

– Distance Measurement : Measure the distance between the camera and the aiming point
– Area Measuremnet : Measure length, width and area of square-shaped plane when rectangular shape has been aimed, and it measures radius and area of circular plane when circular shape has been aimed.
– 3D Measurement : Measure the longest axis of each length, width, and height of 3D object.
– Length Measurement : Measure the length between two manually specified points.

The provided App service is supported only on equipped with ToF Sensor and the following permissions are required.
Optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed

[Required permissions]
– Camera : Used to receive information about object to be measured.
– Storage : Used to store measurement information shooted.

[Optional permissions]
– None

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