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Strobe Light is a beautiful app that uses your phone’s LED camera flash and the screen to simulate a Strobe Light effect and give you cool party mood.

You can use this in parties, at home at the club, at school, or anywhere.
Strobe Light produce the a similar effect a real strobe or stroboscopic lamp of the nightclubs. This app is easy to use, you have the possibility of use LED flash and screen in perfect harmony and synchronized, You can increase the maximum brightness settings of your phone for better effect.

Features of Strobe Light:
* LED Flash
* Flashes in the Screen too! with colors white and black
* You can Adjust the Frequency of flashes in range 1 – 30 Hz
* Screen always on
* Ads not intrusive

Strobe Light is the best option for tonight! beautiful, elegant, easy to use, chic and with a perfect style.

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