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Registered participants in the Study program use this app to take part in market research. Participation is by invitation only. If you haven’t been invited to join the program, this app won’t work on your phone.

About Study from Facebook:

To better understand how people use apps, we work with a group of paid participants who share information with us. We gain valuable insights using data from groups of participants that we use to improve Facebook Company Products.

What info does the Study app collect?

Through the Study app, we collect and analyze participants’ apps usage. This includes info about:

* The apps installed on participants’ phones
* Time participants spend using apps
* Participants’ country, device and network type
* App activity names, which can show the names of app features a participant is using

How does Facebook use this info?

We gain insights using data from groups of participants for business and product research.

* Info from participants helps us learn which apps people value and how they’re used.
* We’re able to better understand our community to improve Facebook Company Products.
* We don’t collect user IDs, passwords or content people share, including messages.
* We don’t sell data from this app to third parties or use it to target ads to you.

Connecting to Facebook Company Products

When analyzing data from this app, we reference other information Facebook has about you, such as your age, gender and how you use Facebook Company Products.

This allows us to learn more about how participants use different services.

We don’t add data from this app to a participant’s accounts on other Facebook Company Products.

For more information about the Facebook Study program, visit

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