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“Travel it yourself TAGTHAi”, discover Thailand in your own style. Whatever your trip is, manage it with TAGTHAi – Thailand’s official tourist application for Free Independent Tourist.
TAGTHAi means “greeting” in Thai. Download TAGTHAi application and let us greet you to Kingdom of Thailand – the land of smile and hospitality. TAGTHAi is designed to help you enjoy Thailand like no one else. If you love traveling by yourself and enjoy real local experiences, TAGTHAi is for you, download it now!

In TAGTHAi, you will find:

1. “Discover Thailand”: rich information with high-definition multi-media contents about Thailand, its people and culture presented in social-media style to help you explore, find and bookmark places, activities, foods, accommodations, and many other things that fulfill your own trip.

2. “Trip Planner”: helps you plan your own visit to Thailand in advance. When you’re ready to make the trip, book everything right in the app via our online Tourism Marketplace and enjoy special deals, promotions, and privilege.

3. “Tourism Marketplace”: an online marketplace that allows you to book and purchase quality Tourism products and services, ranging from accommodations, transportations, tourist activities, to handmade local products.

4. “Travel Assistant”: travel Thailand safely and with confidence with in-app travel assistant that links you directly to traveler advisory and emergency services.

5. “Privileges, Deals and Promotions”: enjoy variety of privileges, deals, and promotions that include discount on transportations, accommodations, foods ,and much more while visiting Thailand by just showing the app or using in-app redemption.
TAGTHAi application is developed and owned by Thailand Digital Platform Social Enterprise and supported by government and private agencies, including the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Thai Chamber of Commerce, with an aim to promote Thai tourism industry to Thais and foreign tourists.

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