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Is your phone starting to run slowly and lack of space? Here comes the TT Fast Cleaner, just fast clean your phone, keeps your device running like new! Unleash the full potential of your Android’s CPU speed and RAM with a single tap speed boost, clean cache and trash files, and also the useless notifications.

TT Fast Cleaner is an easy to use app with small-sized, it helps you the all-round solution to mobile phone jams and slow operation, why not use us?

Key Features:
Junk file cleaning
●Professional junk file scanning engine to eliminate mobile phone garbage in all directions, completely solve the problem of mobile phone jam and fever
● Clear cache and residual files, maximize storage, improve speed and improve device and SD card performance
● One-click delete junk files, also a faster, more powerful phone!

Speed up your Device
●Quickly stop running tasks, reclaim space and clean RAM
●Monitor your system and browse safely
●Stop apps from automatic running in the background

Power saving
● Effectively extend battery life
●Save battery power, same power, longer use time

Notifications cleaner
●Mute and clean the unwanted notifications if necessary

Download TT Fast Cleaner – phone cleaner, free up space

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